Corporate Feedback - Complaint

    Dudley Council tries to provide high quality, affordable services to all its customers.  There are times when we do things well, but there may also be times when things go wrong and you are left unhappy or dissatisfied.

    We want to hear from you if you have a complaint about our services.
    Your complaint may be about:
    • the kind of services we offer
    • the services you receive
    • the lack of services
    • changes to services
    • costs of services
    • how helpful we have been

    Please use this list of services to identify the service area you wish to make a complaint about:
    • Adult Social Services:
       o Older People
       o Reablement
       o Residential
       o Home Care
       o Day Services
       o Independent Living
       o Occupational Therapy
       o Telecare
       o Physical Disability
       o Access & Care Management
       o Community Team
       o Sheltered Housing
       o Learning Disability
       o Falls Service
       o Other issue
    • Anti Social Behaviour
    • Benefits
    • Car Parking
    • Children's Social Care:
       o Multi-Cultural Support
       o FAST
       o Family & Parenting Support
       o Family Intervention
       o Extended Services
       o Assessment
       o Care Management
       o Emergency Duty Team
       o Children’s Homes
       o Supervised Contact
       o Fostering
       o Flipside Treatment Foster Care
       o Adoptions
       o 14+ Team
       o Other issue
    • Council Housing:
       o Tenancy & Estates
       o Homelessness
       o Applications or Housing Options
       o Tenant Participation
       o Income Collection, Right to Buy or Leaseholders
       o Antisocial Behaviour
       o Tenancy Support 
       o Repairs Centre
       o Property Team (Empty Properties)
       o Repairs & Improvement
       o Other issue
    • Council Tax or Business Rates
    • Dudley Council Plus
    • Leisure Centres
    • Libraries
    • Litter, Graffiti or Dog Fouling
    • Planning: 
       o Building Control
       o Development Control
       o Planning Enforcement
       o Historic Environment
       o Other issue
    • Pot Holes or Pavements
    • Environmental Health
    • Registrars (Births, Deaths & Marriages)
    • Rubbish, Recycling or Wheelie Bins
    • Town Halls
    • Traffic, Congestion or Traffic Lights
    • Trees, Hedges or Verges
    • Other issue

    You will need to provide the following information so that we can deal with your complaint:

    1.  If you are reporting a complaint for someone else, please give:
      • Their full name
      • Your relationship to them
        • Family member
        • Friend
        • Legal representative
        • Solicitor
        • Other - please specify.
    2. ​​ Does your complaint relate to a specific address or location?  Yes / No.
    3.  If Yes, please specify whether it is your address or provide the new address / location.
    4.  Service area you wish to make a complaint about (please choose from the list above).
    5.  Does your complaint relate to:
      • Staff attitude
      • Policy & procedure
      • Service delivery
      • Service quality
      • Third party issues.
    6.  Details of your complaint.
    7.  A relevant photograph or document can be attached / uploaded with your report.

    Please provide this information in the text box below.

    Data Protection Statement

    Your information will be processed in accordance with Data Protection legal requirements. Please see the Council's Privacy Statement and Charter.