Application for a Joint Tenancy - Stourbridge Area

    This form may only be used by Dudley MBC sole Council tenants, who wish to convert their existing tenancy into a joint tenancy. All persons applying to become joint tenants must be eligible to hold a tenancy in their own right and neither party owe any debts to the Housing Services and in certain circumstances must have lived at the property for 12 months. Where the property is a house or designated for the elderly, a joint tenancy will only be eligible if the other party is eligible to  be offered this type of accommodation.

    To be completed by the current tenant of the property (not the proposed joint tenant).

    You will need to provide the following information so that we can deal with your application:

    1.  Your age.
    2.  Number of people living at your address, e.g. other lodgers, children.
    3.  Proposed joint tenant's details:
      • Title, first name and last name
      • Telephone number
      • Email address
      • How long the proposed joint tenant has lived at your address
      • Their relationship to you
    4. ​​ Why this person wishes to become a joint tenant.

    Please provide this information in the text box below.

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