Fraud Reporting

    You can report suspicions of fraud, theft or corruption in complete confidence without fear of discrimination. Please provide as much information as possible to assist with our investigation of your concerns.

    The Council's Corporate Fraud Team will look into all reported incidents thoroughly and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

    If your concern relates only to Benefits Fraud, please note that there are other more direct channels available - either call the national hotline on 0800 854 440 or you can contact the government department responsible via

    More information can be found at, which includes additional ways to contact us.

    You will need to provide the following information so that we can deal with your report:

    1.  Summary of the fraud or misuse.
    2.  The following information would also be useful if you know it:
      • Name(s) and description(s) of those involved
      • Address(es) of those involved
      • Important dates
      • Where the incident(s) took place
      • Where the individual(s) works
      • Description of any vehicles involved - make / model / registration number
      • Anything else you think would be useful for us to know
      • Your contact details if you are happy for us to contact you for more information​

    Please provide this information in the text box below.

    Privacy & Disclaimer Statements

    The information that you provide today will be processed in accordance with Data Protection legal requirements.

    To find out more about how we process your personal information please read the Audit Services Privacy Notice.

    Further information can also be found within Dudley Council's Corporate Privacy & Disclaimer Statement.


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