Private Sector Enforcement Enquiries

    The private sector enforcement team offers a range of services to private landlords and tenants.

    Not including today, you should recieve a response by the end of one working day.

    You can use this form for enquiries about:

    • Private rented property disrepair
    • Standards in rented private properties including houses in multiple occupation
    • Disrepair in housing association property – note that:
      • Private Sector Housing will only consider enquiries when the complaints procedure of the Housing Association has been exhausted
      • Customers should first contact their respective Housing Association direct and complete/exhaust the complaints procedure - evidence of this will be requested
    • Property related nuisance complaints
    • Nuisance from artificial light from domestic houses
    • Allegations of overcrowding
    • Advice and guidance to landlords and tenants to facilitate compliance with the law when related to a complaint
    • Inspections for immigration clearance, (immigration property inspections).  Fee payable.
    • Advice to homeowners on asbestos, lead pipes and other suspect materials
    • Empty private domestic dwellings (only if causing a problem to neighbours or is insecure)

    If you wish to report harassment or threats from a landlord, threats to force you to leave your property from a landlord, or an illegal eviction, please use the Illegal Eviction and Harassment Advice form.

    Privacy & Disclaimer Statements

    The information that you provide today will be processed in accordance with Data Protection legal requirements.

    Further information as to why and how the council processes information can be found at Dudley Council's Corporate Privacy & Disclaimer Statement.