Gritting & Grit Bins

    For out of hours emergency road gritting contact 0300 555 2345

    At all times Dudley Council's first priority is your safety and our aim is to keep delays and accidents caused by wintry conditions to a minimum. Therefore, we attempt to ensure that major roads are treated with rock salt as a precaution against the possibility of ice patches forming or snow accumulating.

    If you wish to report an issue with gritting please ring 0300 555 2345 or complete this form.

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    • Make a road gritting request
    • Request a new grit bin
    • Remove a grit bin

    You need not sign in or register to:

    • Request a grit bin refill
    • Report a grit bin problem

    Important: Requesting & Removing grit bins

    An application form for a new grit bin or the removal of an existing one needs to be completed before you can proceed with this form. You will need to consult with all neighbours that may be affected.

    The application form can be downloaded from Gritting & Grit Bins.

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