Trading Standards: Submitting Information

    Trading Standards is a local authority regulatory service.

    Online guidance is available on our Trading Standards web pages for both consumers and business.

    Please use this form for submitting information relating to the following matters only:

    • The sale of counterfeit or illegally imported tobacco and cigarettes
    • Traders calling on vulnerable residents to offer gardening, roofing and driveway work, etc.
    • Supplying counterfeit goods
    • Traders exploiting vulnerable residents by selling them overpriced or misdescribed goods or services
    • Traders supplying age restricted products to children, e.g. tobacco, alcohol, knives, fireworks
    • Illegal money lending activity, known as loan sharks (passed to the Illegal Money Lending team)
    • Contact from another Local Authority

    You can submit information about any matter anonymously and, given the right information, we can investigate it or pass it on to the appropriate agency. However, providing your contact details may assist our investigation.

    All complaints or requests for advice should be referred to the Citizen's Advice Consumer Service (CACS) using their online form: Contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service

    Privacy & Disclaimer Statements

    The information that you provide today will be processed in accordance with Data Protection legal requirements.

    To find out more about how we process your personal information please read the Trading Standards Service Privacy Notice.

    Further information can also be found within Dudley Council's Corporate Privacy & Disclaimer Statement.

    Dudley Trading Standards can only deal with enquiries if you either live or run a business in the borough or your problem relates to an item that was purchased in the borough.