Adult Safeguarding - Tell us or Report it

    Please use this form to register your concerns about a person with Dudley Council's safeguarding team.

    You can report your concern anonymously – simply ensure you do not sign in to the portal or sign out if you are already signed in.

    I am raising this concern in a professional capacity.

    If you are raising this concern as a member of the public, please use the public referral form.

    Crime - If the concern relates to a crime such as assault, rape, theft or racial harassment then you should contact the Police by calling 101.

    Emergency - If immediate action is required the Emergency Services should be contacted by calling 999.

    If you are worried about contacting the Police but wish to discuss your concerns you can always contact Dudley Council's Access to Adult Social Care Team on 0300 555 0055 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, to talk things over first. Outside of these hours an Emergency Duty Team is available on 0300 555 8574.

    The blue 'Begin' button below will start the form’s completion. Thank you for taking the time to complete it.

    What happens next?
    Once you have reported your concerns to us, the information you provide will be submitted to the council's safeguarding team who will follow this up promptly. We will always take concerns seriously. What we do next will depend on things like how much danger the person you have concerns about is in, how much support they need and what they want to happen.

    We may need to share information with other people like the Police, or healthcare professionals, this will only happen if it needs to, to keep the person safe. If we decide we do need to find out more about the abuse, or concern reported and how to stop it, we will carry out a safeguarding enquiry. We will work to keep the person up to date with what is happening. The enquiry may take some time. If the enquiry finds that someone is at risk a safeguarding plan may be put into place to keep the person safe and protected. You may be kept informed about the progress throughout, where appropriate, however this may not always be necessary, or possible.

    Stephen Lonsdale
    Head of Adult Safeguarding

    Other contact numbers

    Dudley Council Plus: 0300 555 2345
    Care Quality Commission: 0300 061 6161

    Privacy & Disclaimer Statements

    The information that you provide today will be processed in accordance with Data Protection legal requirements.

    To find out more about how we process your personal information please read the Adult Social Care Privacy Notice.

    Further information can also be found within Dudley Council's Corporate Privacy & Disclaimer Statement.